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You think
you are safe.
Wanna bet ?

Our experts will prove you otherwise!

Don’t ask yourself if you will be hacked it’s only a matter of time.
So why wait ?


Cyber Security Agency

Specialists in risks analyses about cybersecurity. Our dynamic team works every day in order to be at the cutting edge of cybersecurity.
Our advanced knowledge of the field of hacking allows us to prevent the dangers that your digital infrastructure is likely to encounter.

Our forces:

  • A 100% Belgian team, able to react and intervene rapidly even on site.
  • We take your security in charge from A to Z. From the protection of the core of your digital infrastructure to the training of your team.
  • Our experts are all ethical hackers, renowned in the field of hacking.

Attacks surprise, we amaze!

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What’s cybersecurity about?

IT is nowadays unavoidable in the working life.
From connected agendas to websites, the vast majority of SMEs depend on new technologies. However, the acquirement of such technologies comes with a price: your infrastructures are easily targeted by hackers, which can result in an infrastructure breakdown, and impede the work of your team.

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Our services :

CSAgency offers a complete overview of your infrastructure and services in order to highlight and prevent all problems linked to your security.
This exhaustive audit is called “vulnerability checkup”. The results of our analysis will then be put on paper and compiled in a report, which we’ll present to you in person.
Let’s compare your infrastructure to your house, or a bank containing all your life savings. If a window is left open, then everything is in jeopardy.


Should you have any question, concern or emergency,
please contact us through the following contact information.
Do not wait for an attack in order to react!
Contact us today!


Ikaroslaan 53,
1930 - Zaventem

+32 (0) 495 81 00 49
[email protected]

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